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How to care for dance clothing?

These tips on how to care for dance clothing will help you keep it in good condition for a long time. Dance clothing is made from different materials that can be sensitive to harsh treatment or high temperatures. Check the clothing labels to ensure what care instructions you need to follow.

When washing dance clothing, it is recommended to use cool water and a gentle or delicate cycle in the washing machine. Close all fasteners and pay attention to coloured clothing to avoid colour transfer to other items of clothing.

Dry dance clothing in the air to avoid shrinking or deformation. Do not use a dryer or dry in the sun or near a heat source to avoid damage.

Iron dance clothing at low temperatures and make sure that the fabric is suitable for ironing. Store dance clothing on a hanger in a place protected from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid damage or colour change. Use special bags or boxes for storing dance shoes and do not forget to wipe them before storing them.

Following these recommendations on how to care for dance clothing will help you maintain its quality and style for a long time and extend its service life.

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